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Mulligan’s Music And At The Royal Festival Hall - 1955

Vic Lewis And His Orchestra

Label : Mole Jazz [Re-Issue Series - VL1]
Reference : MOLE-9
Date : 1983

# Side One (Mulligans Music)
A1 Bweebida Bobbida Gerry Mulligan 3:29
A2 Nights At The Turntable Gerry Mulligan 2:49
A3 Westwood Walk Gerry Mulligan 2:31
A4 Sextet Gerry Mulligan 2:31
A5 Bark For Barksdale Gerry Mulligan 2:51
A6 Limelight Gerry Mulligan 2:50
A7 Walkin Shoes Gerry Mulligan 2:34
A8 Line For Lyons Gerry Mulligan 2:31
# Side Two (At The Royal Festival Hall - 1955)
B1 Swinghouse 3:12
B2 Chino 2:17
B3 Star Eyes 3:56
B4 Coop De Graas 2:45
B5 Duo 2:55
B6 Dancing In The Dark 2:23
B7 Short Stop 2:25
B8 The Peanut Vendor 2:47
Featured Artists
Bass Dave Willis
Drums Kenn Hollick
Piano Don Riddell
Reeds Bernard Allen
Reeds Brian Rogerson
Reeds Les Wigfield
Reeds Ronnie Chamberlain
Reeds Tubby Hayes
Trombone Jack Botterall [Jack Botterill]
Trombone John Watson [Johnny Watson]
Trombone Lad Busby [Laddie Busby]
Trombone Laurie Franklin
Trumpet Colin Wright
Trumpet Dave Loban
Trumpet Les Condon
Trumpet Ronnie Baker

Recorded at Decca Studios
Recorded at Royal Festival Hall
Side A : at Decca Studios, London, 13th, 14th and 20th January 1954
Side B : at The Royal Festival Hall, 9th January 1955